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Inspiring People to Care for the Earth

Latex Paint Disposal Video Print E-mail

This Latex Paint disposal Video was made by SCARCE 2012 summer interns, Jackie Boyle (North Central College) and Felicia Speranske (University of Illinois), along with Katie Carpenter (North Central College student). The video clearly explains and demonstrates how to handle leftover latex paint - a common concern.

Kay McKeen Speaks from the Heart the Green Tie Gala Print E-mail

Kay delivers a moving presentation at the Green Tie Gala. She gives the history and explains many of the SCARCE programs.

SCARCE on ABC News - Waste Audit Print E-mail
A SCARCE Waste Audit is included in the middle (at 2:00 of the 4:00 minute clip) of an ABC News story on lunch room waste. As lunches are mandated to be healthier, students (especially high school) are wasting more food. SCARCE waste audits help students realize that they are wasting food and motivates them to change their ways.
Dumpster Diving on NBC National News Print E-mail

Dumpster Diving for School Supplies

Making A Difference: Teaching school kids how to find recycling treasure in the school trash bin. NBC's Kevin Tibbles reports. --- aired Sept 24, 2010 on the Making a Difference Segment of the NBC National News.

Reuse, Recycle and Compost NBC News Video Print E-mail

Reuse, Recycle, and Compost

Kay McKeen, founder of SCARCE, profiled in Kevin Tibbles' Nightly News piece, talks about the value of not throwing things away.

SCARCE Videos Print E-mail

A picture is worth 1000 words - Watch our videos to learn about SCARCE. Our YouTube videos are on the right.


Hosea Sanders of ABC news in Chicago visited SCARCE in November, 2009. On Dec 4, 2009, his story, "Green Books Rescue Program", aired on the ABC Channel 7 News - the link on the ABC site gives the entire story, along with the video.

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