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Inspiring People to Care for the Earth

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Earth Flag

Certification Requirements



Completion of a staff training session

In this 30-45 minute session, a SCARCE representative educates the teachers and staff of the school about the Earth Flag certification, water and energy conservation, recycling, green initiatives, etc.  This program is intended to "kick-off" the school's participation in the Earth Flag certification program.  At least 75% of staff and teachers need to be present.


Education of students at a student assembly or school program

This requirement is generally the second step of the certification process.  SCARCE staff go to the school and present to the students in an assembly (elementary/middle school) or a classroom setting (high school).  Please contact SCARCE for a list of educational programs available for this step, including the description and cost for all assemblies.


Completion of one waste reduction activity

This step of the Earth Flag certification can be done by the school or with SCARCE help. Some examples of reduction activities are no-waste lunch, waste audit, paper-free day, locker/desk leftover, book/puzzle exchanges, both sides of paper policy, one note home per family, etc.  If you would like more information on any of the reduction activities, please contact SCARCE. 


Implementation of a comprehensive recycling program

Recycling is an extremely important step in the Earth Flag certification process.  The school must have recycling for paper, plastic, glass, and aluminum.  If you do not already have recycling at your school, SCARCE can help you with set up and implementation.



If it has been more than five years since your school earned or recertified its Earth Flag, you are ready for recertification!   The recertification program is designed to revitalize your school’s environmental efforts and to educate students and staff new to your school since its original/most recent Earth Flag certification.  The requirements for recertification are the same as the the requirements for earning an Earth Flag (see above).

Bryan Middle SchoolTrinity_Lutheran_2



The Earth Flag Program is funded by the DuPage County Environmental Committee

285 of the 320 schools in DuPage County have earned their Earth Flag -- has yours?  Have you recertified?  How about an Ecology Flag?  There are so many ways to show your commitment to a healthy planet!

Students Inspired to Recycle At Home

"The other benefit was that several students were inspired to go home and start a recycling program at the their home to promote saving the environment. How does one measure teaching young children about how to save the Earth? "

Anonymous, Geneva Elementary School