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Inspiring People to Care for the Earth

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Ecology FlagIf you already have your Earth Flag check out the Ecology Flag. Thus far 11 DuPage County schools have earned their Ecology Flag.

Ecology Flag Requirements

  • School must have (or be working toward) its Earth Flag

Click on Earth Flag-Schools to view requirements

  • Staff in-service

SCARCE comes to your location and educates the staff on the Ecology Flag, recycling, energy & water conservation, green initiatives, and community involvement.

  • Student Education

This requirement is generally the second step of the certification process. SCARCE staff go to the school and present to the students in an assembly-type setting. Please contact SCARCE for a list, description, and cost of all assemblies and educational programs available for this step.

  • Energy, Water, & Waste Audits

SCARCE will come and perform audits that help you and your school understand its energy, water, and natural resource consumption and will provide solutions to help reduce your impact on the Earth.

  • Pollution Reduction Activity

There are a number of activities your school can participate in as a pollution reduction activity. For example, celebrate bike/walk to school week, or enforce anti-idling with busses and parents. Contact SCARCE for more ideas and information.

  • Grade-level Appropriate Environmental Service Projects in DuPage Communities

Some examples are; prairie path/trail cleanup, design & exhibit environmental-issues posters for your town, recycling extravaganza, adopt-a-street/highway/parkway, creek/waterway cleanup, stream monitoring, create and maintain a natural area such as a prairie or butterfly garden. Contact SCARCE for more information or ideas.






Wyndemere Green Team (above)

The Ecology Flag Program is funded by the DuPage County Environmental Committee.



Family Reading Night

"Our school made learning about the environment and taking care of the earth one of our priorities this year. SCARCE inspired our cause by helping us earn the earth flag. We had a Family Reading Night with over 300 people in attendance. The theme of the evening was the book "The Lorax" which is about the need to take care of the environment. SCARCE came and made presentations to the audience. They taught us the importance of recycling, how to recycle, and what to recycle. We had only positive comments about the evening."

Esther Frohne - Cloverdale School