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Inspiring People to Care for the Earth

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Ecology FlagIf you already have your Earth Flag check out the Ecology Flag. Thus far 11 DuPage County schools have earned their Ecology Flag.

Ecology Flag Requirements

  • School must have (or be working toward) its Earth Flag

Click on Earth Flag-Schools to view requirements

  • Staff in-service

SCARCE comes to your location and educates the staff on the Ecology Flag, recycling, energy & water conservation, green initiatives, and community involvement.

  • Student Education

This requirement is generally the second step of the certification process. SCARCE staff go to the school and present to the students in an assembly-type setting. Please contact SCARCE for a list, description, and cost of all assemblies and educational programs available for this step.

  • Energy, Water, & Waste Audits

SCARCE will come and perform audits that help you and your school understand its energy, water, and natural resource consumption and will provide solutions to help reduce your impact on the Earth.

  • Pollution Reduction Activity

There are a number of activities your school can participate in as a pollution reduction activity. For example, celebrate bike/walk to school week, or enforce anti-idling with busses and parents. Contact SCARCE for more ideas and information.

  • Grade-level Appropriate Environmental Service Projects in DuPage Communities

Some examples are; prairie path/trail cleanup, design & exhibit environmental-issues posters for your town, recycling extravaganza, adopt-a-street/highway/parkway, creek/waterway cleanup, stream monitoring, create and maintain a natural area such as a prairie or butterfly garden. Contact SCARCE for more information or ideas.






Wyndemere Green Team (above)

The Ecology Flag Program is funded by the DuPage County Environmental Committee.



New Mindset from Earning Earth Flag
"Meeting with Kay, from SCARCE, to discuss the “Earth Flag for Businesses” initiative was an enlightening and informative experience. It was evident from the onset of our meeting that Kay McKeen is a very knowledgeable and dedicated conservationist. In the short amount of time it took to conduct our “green audit,” we learned many simple ways that Subaru Great Lakes Region can modify its business practices to conserve energy and other valuable resources. Shutting off a light switch and computer monitor at the end of the workday will conserve energy. Distributing recycling receptacles throughout our office space will promote the recycling of paper, cardboard, aluminum cans and other materials. These nearly effortless gestures will allow each of us to make a difference in contributing toward the overall “green” environment we wish to maintain at our regional location.

The single most important aspect of our meeting, however, was how our awareness of “green” opportunities immediately increased. Both Linda and I are now more in tune to “green” discussions on the radio, articles in the media and information found by reading labels on products in our household. It is amazing how quickly our paradigm shifted and how much more cognizant we are of environmental impact. We wish to extend our thanks to Kay, and the SCARCE team, for educating us in such an important mission. We look forward to working with them to learn more about environmental strategies that we can adopt for our workplace."
- Debbie Jeffries, Information Technology Analyst, at Subaru of America, Inc.