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Inspiring People to Care for the Earth

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E-Rally Assembly


The E-Rally is structured similarly to the R-Rally game show format.  A few students will be chosen ahead of time to help present.  The whole idea is to help students learn about energy use for a concrete understanding that can empower them to make better choices.  The Energy Bike demonstration included.  

If you are a school requesting an E-Rallly, please be aware there is a fee for this program is not funded by DuPage County. Please contact SCARCE for more information about pricing and scheduling.

Students Become Responsible

"The educational benefit [of SCARCE programs] is enormous. How do you quantify teaching students to be responsible for themselves, not taking garbage for granted, extending that education to their parents and feeling proud of being a responsible human taking care of their planet. The benefits are exponential."

Kim Lieth - DuPage County