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Inspiring People to Care for the Earth

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E-Rally Assembly


The E-Rally is structured similarly to the R-Rally game show format.  A few students will be chosen ahead of time to help present.  The whole idea is to help students learn about energy use for a concrete understanding that can empower them to make better choices.  The Energy Bike demonstration included.  

If you are a school requesting an E-Rallly, please be aware there is a fee for this program is not funded by DuPage County. Please contact SCARCE for more information about pricing and scheduling.

Students Inspired Beyond the Classroom

I have had SEVERAL students so inspired and touched by what Kay has told and shown them that they go on to do great things for their world. For example, just this semester one of my students, Austeja Ziemba, was inspired to work on getting the WHOLE Lithuanian Community in the area to incorporate recycling in their schools, buildings, etc! It is a HUGE undertaking but she is so inspired by Kay to help the world!!
That is just one of many examples I have of my students going beyond my classroom and beyond assignments because of Kay's and SCARCE's touch.

Annmarie Duncan - COD