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Inspiring People to Care for the Earth

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Papermaking on WGN Morning News
We demonstrated papermaking on WGN Morning News - Click for Video Clip
We demonstrated papermaking on WGN Morning News -
The Recycled Papermaking program is an exciting way for students to learn about how recycled content paper is made. The students mimic the process of industrial recycled papermaking but using their own energy! Students will learn vocabulary such as, hydro-pulping and slurry.Once the recycled paper is made, students can take their piece home to color and decorate as they please.

Recycled Papermaking can be a program on its own, or be paired with the 3R's program. Papermaking can be tailored to all ages and grade levels. The Recycled Papermaking program is about 20 minutes long and is suiteable for groups smaller than 30 students.The program can also be a teacher modeling activity. The teacher observes while we give the first program. The teachers are then able to borrow the SCARCE papermaking supplies to make recycled paper again with their class.


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Papermaking Video - WGN

Addison Girl Scouts Inspired to Improve Recycling in Addison

Our first experience with SCARCE was when my oldest daughter's Girl Scout Troop attended a recycling workshop. That was the spark that led to a tremendous environmental impact.

The girls returned to SCARCE in preparation for a scientific project they were conducting to figure out how to increase recycling rates in Addison. This project drew national acclaim when they won two national science competitions, the Governor's Green Youth Award, and met President Obama who awarded them the Presidential Environmental Youth Award. But better than all of the awards was the impact the project had on the community.

The study results were used to get a grant to provide all Addison residents with recycling bins. They also found out that education and communication were critical in driving usage. They created public service announcements for the local television station, submitted newspaper articles, taught a class at the local library, and promoted the new bins at a community event. In one year, the recycling rates increased by 89%!! The village also started hosting Recycling Extravaganzas, which the girls helped to promote and volunteered at.

Their school was inspired by the activity and taught recycling classes to all students. Several classes have conducted extensive environmental classes including Zero Waste Lunch, Paper Conservation, and supporting a library in the rainforests of Ghana. The book rescue program was used to fulfill the needs of the Ghana project.  Another Girl Scout Troop from the school took on the challenge to educate the public (Addison & Illinois) about the new electronic recycling ban that recently went into effect.
Their first stop was at SCARCE to gain a better understanding of the issue.
Our school, students, families, and neighbors have all been changed by the spark that started at SCARCE!

In the first year alone, there was an additional 768 tons of recycling in the Village of Addison. That is 768 tons of trash that did not go into landfills. And that will continue year after year!

Dawn O'Brian - DuPage County