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 Any Age Group

Papermaking on WGN Morning News
We demonstrated papermaking on WGN Morning News - Click for Video Clip
We demonstrated papermaking on WGN Morning News -
The Recycled Papermaking program is an exciting way for students to learn about how recycled content paper is made. The students mimic the process of industrial recycled papermaking but using their own energy! Students will learn vocabulary such as, hydro-pulping and slurry.Once the recycled paper is made, students can take their piece home to color and decorate as they please.

Recycled Papermaking can be a program on its own, or be paired with the 3R's program. Papermaking can be tailored to all ages and grade levels. The Recycled Papermaking program is about 20 minutes long and is suiteable for groups smaller than 30 students.The program can also be a teacher modeling activity. The teacher observes while we give the first program. The teachers are then able to borrow the SCARCE papermaking supplies to make recycled paper again with their class.


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Papermaking Video - WGN

On R-Rally and 3R's Assembly

"There are not many programs that are able to reach a student body consisting of K-8th grade students, but these energetic hands-on programs did just that. Some of these students are now in college and still remember and talk about things presented that day, and as young adults, strive to live more environmentally friendly lives."

Patricia White - St. Philip the Apostle School