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Inspiring People to Care for the Earth

Rain Barrel Project for Grade Schools in DuPage County Print E-mail

"Anyone who can solve the problems of water will be worthy of two Nobel prizes - one for peace and one for science." - John F. Kennedy

Brought to you by the DuPage County Stormwater Committee and SCARCE.

SCARCE partnered with 70 public elementary schools in DuPage County to provide education on rain barrels with generous funding from the DuPage County Stormwater Committee. Each school received:

1. A Rain Barrel (not painted)
2. Instructions for decorating your Rain Barrel
3. Educational curriculum teaching the importance of rain barrels to water conservation and better stormwater management practices.

Contact us if you have questions about the Rain Barrel Program or if you would like additional water quality training for your staff.


phone: (630) 545-9710

A rain barrel can be a valuable teaching tool for your school.


Benjamin Middle School Students and Teacher Chris Hlinak Get a Rain Barrel and Meet with Jim Zay, Chairman of DPC Stormwater Committee

Not a school, and still want a rainbarrel?

Here are some places to purchase a rainbarrel for your home:





Fun Rain Barrel Activities

With generous funding from the DuPage County Stormwater Committee, SCARCE developed a curriculum teaching the importance of water conservation and stormwater management. Here's a copy of activities for any teacher to use. Please contact SCARCE if you are a DuPage County school and would like to schedule a teacher in-service, or educational support, on water-related environmental issues.

Fun rain barrel activities to use with your group!