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Inspiring People to Care for the Earth

Teacher Workshops & Training Print E-mail

Teacher training (workshops, inservices, or modeling) is open to all DuPage County teachers

Teacher Workshops

We frequently offer fun and fast-paced workshops for teachers.

Look to the right for the "Current Registrations" for a list of our current signups - they change frequently

Teacher Inservices

Call us to schedule an in-service for your staff, and fulfill one of the requirements for earning a flag.

Teacher Modeling

For a more hands-on approach, schedule a teacher modeling program where we conduct problem-solving activities with you and your students, giving you a model to follow in the future:

  • Waste Audit
  • Watershed Model
  • Energy Bike
  • Recycled Paper Making
  • Eco Club

Please note that in order to check-out the enviroscape watershed model, you must first attend a training session, which we can conveniently hold at or near your school.


The DuPage County Teacher Training is funded by the DuPage County Environmental Committee.

Current Registrations


Other Events: