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Enviroscape - Watershed Model Workshop Print E-mail


DuPage County 3rd - 12th Grade Teachers:  The Enviroscape Watershed Model is an excellent way to bring water education to your classroom.  You will learn how to use the watershed model in your classroom. This award winning STEM Teacher Workshop includes:

  • Jam packed workshop focused on the watershed model
  • Support resources to take back to your classroom
  • Tools and knowledge needed to use the model in your classroom
  • Hands-on activities
  • Information on local water issues including water quality and stormwater management

January 28 Workshop Registration 


The Enviroscape model teaches kids and adults about point and non-point pollution.  It's a hands-on activity that demonstrates where pollution could stem from in a small community. 


The DuPage County Stormwater Committee and SCARCE support water education in our schools. The Stormwater Committee has provided one BRAND-NEW Enviroscape watershed model for EACH public Middle School in DuPage County plus six additional Enviroscapes available for checkout. Each model includes accessories and additional teaching resources including a video starring Bill Nye the Science Guy.


SCARCE has delivered all the models to the middle schools and trained at least two teachers from each school. As time goes on, we continue to offer the Watershed Model Workshop, and each middle school shoule have two trained teachers. In additions, we are anxious to train teachers from the remaining public schools, at any grade  level, and teachers at private schools, too. All DuPage teachers have access to an Enviroscape Watershed Model, whether their school owns one or not. Just contact us to check it out. See the attachments to the Watershed Model Project for Middle Schools for more ideas on how to use the Envroscape Watershed Model for your classroom.


Enviroscape Watershed Model

Prepare for World Water Monitoring Month (9/18-10/18). Every DPC public middle school has received a model and we have several for other schools to borrow. Teachers must be trained to use this unique model of a watershed.


* Take the class, borrow the model, and drench your students with wonderful water education
* Cross language and cultural barriers
* Take the complexity out of understanding serious environmental issues
* Discover and learn to use the model that offers a birds-eye view of a watershed
* Participants, trained to use it, may borrow the model for use in the classroom
* Great for teachers of geography, science, health, special ed (this model is hands-on and visual), and all interested educators.


Watershed Model VIdeo - WGN