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Inspiring People to Care for the Earth

Green Chemistry Workshop Print E-mail

SCARCE - Green Chemistry
The workshop will focus on the Green Chemistry principles, as established by the ACS Green Chemistry Institute, and its best practice in the chemical industry today.  Green Chemistry is the design and production of chemical products that are environmentally "benign," made from renewable resources with minimal energy and waste and having as little environmental impact as possible over the product lifecycle.  The exciting news in the chemical industry is that green chemistry initiatives save money by reducing raw materials purchases, by reducing the cost of treating waste, and by reducing energy costs.

Our speakers include Dr. Michael Gonzalez from the U.S. EPA Green Chemistry Division, George Balis from Clarke, a 2010 Presidential Green Chemistry Award winning company, and Dr. Vidas Pol, an Argonne researcher who has developed a process to "upcycle" plastic bags into carbon nanotubes, a material worth more than gold! 

Teachers will learn how careers are changing in the chemical industry and how to best prepare students for these high-paying jobs.  Additionally, we will have educators discussing ways to integrate green chemistry principles into the "classical" science curriculum.