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Inspiring People to Care for the Earth

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Life in our Waters:
Microscope Workshop for 5th & 6th Graders

Explore life in our waters...microscope life that is. One celled organisms such a paramecia and euglena can be seen swimming in a drop of water while using the compound light microscope.

Kids love using this instrument to they observe things they’ve never seen nor maybe thought about before. At the workshop participants will observe pond organisms which, as part of aquatic food chain, can be used to determine water quality.

After seeing what is in our water, we'll discuss how we can protect our water.  Kids will each make a battery collection jug.  They will learn where families can take Household Hazardous Waste and hear about other simple actions we can take at home to protect our water quality.

Registration required.  Limit 10 kids per session.  Parents must attend with each child.


Scoping out  the Water Workshop

SCARCE-Water Testing
  • For Upper Elementary & Middle School Science/Environmental Teachers

  • Identify the non-point source pollution that affects the quality of our water

  • Discover the ways that you can use microscopes in your schools to evaluate the quality of our water

  • Learn about the solutions to cleaning up our water