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Teacher Graduate Course Living Water: Going with the Flow Print E-mail

June 22-26, 2015

Water Testing at Living Waters Teacher's WorkshopTake a look at more pictures from last year's workshop!

3 Graduate Hours Credit (Aurora University) or 40 CPDUs

Living Water: Going with the Flow

Teachers, here's your chance to "dive" into water! Register for our educational (and delightful!) water workshop. We'll hop on the bus and go to Chicago's lake front to see the water intake "cribs", visit the Jardine Water Purification plant, the Chicago St., the DuPage Water the tap! Then, we'll follow the water to the Woodridge Wastewater Treatment plant and onto the East Branch of the DuPage River. Then, we'll pull up our boots, step – gently – into the river, and learn about the quality of the waters of our own streams. We'll conduct water tests, and we'll identify benthic macroinvertebrates - those interesting bottom-dwelling mussels, crayfish, etc., that serve as indicators of water quality. We'll also visit wetlands, both natural and man-made, and learn how wetlands are capable of cleaning pollutants from wastewater - even brown water.

Jump into this class with both feet!

More Details

  • Who: 2rd - 12th Grade Teachers
  • What: Participants will literally"go with the flow" of water...rainwater and groundwater to stormwater and tapwater and , then wastewater, and, finally, river and ocean water. You will see firsthand how we "prepare" water for use and what happens to it when we are done. We'll also examine stormwater issues and innovative solutions for managing it.
  • When: June 22-26 (for 40 PDs OR 3 Graduate Hours), plus 1/2 day June 30th for graduate credit
  • Cost: $125 fee (includes 40 CPDUs, morning and afternoon snacks, and take-home classroom resources), plus optional $310 for 3 hours of graduate credit from Aurora University 
  • Where: Each day begins and ends at the SCARCE headquarters in Glen Ellyn.
  • Why: Daily, we all use water. It is to our benefit and the benefit of our students to understand how we manage water, how we use/conserve it, and how we can keep our water clean and healthy.

June 22-26, 2015


"SCARCE provided me with a full day training by taking teachers on a bus to water plants and water sanitation facilities. I could never have gained access to those facilities myself. Kay and her wonderful SCARCE team provided us a jam packed day of learning that engaged us. Then we immediately took back first hand knowledge to our classrooms and taught the students about water and it's importance to the survival of our county."

Trish Patterson - DuPage County teacher


"Thanks to the funding from SCARCE, my school was able to obtain an Enviroscape for free. I attended the training (twice!) and learned many ways to present this information to my students. I also attended a wonderful multi-day workshop on water use. Not only an eye-opener for me on a personal level, it gave me information to share with the other science teachers and my students."

Janis Tsugawa - Marquardt Middle School


"The models have drawn my students into connecting how water moves above and below the ground to how water's quality could be compromised. They take this learning beyond the classroom into their lives outside of school. The impact only starts in my classroom through the learning that has been made possible by SCARCE."

Kristin Shaw - Still Middle School