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Inspiring People to Care for the Earth

Teacher Graduate Course: 5 Day - Where is Away? Print E-mail

Environmental Issues & Concerns: Where is Away?


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Let us immerse you in trash – well, in the problems, concerns and solutions that surround the “stuff” we make, buy, use and throw away, day in and day out! We'll travel by bus to explore landfills, recycling centers and other sites, to help you understand the many processes that deal with all this garbage. We also take time each day to experiment, build, discuss and digest where we have been and why. Lots of fun! Lots of learning! Lots of resources!WWT

This workshop can be taken for graduate credit. A project is required.

More Details

  • Who: K-12 Teachers
  • What: Explore solid waste problems and solutions with field trips and hands-on activities
  • When: The 2015 course is June 15-19 + half day June 29th. It is 5 days for 40 PDs OR 5.5 days for 3 graduate hours
  • Where: Each day begins and ends at the SCARCE headquarters in Glen Ellyn. Then we will travel together by bus to:
    • Landfills
    • Gas conversion Facility
    • Waste Transfer Station
    • Household Hazardous Waste Facility
    • Book Rescue Center
    • Paper Recycling Facility
    • Yard Waste Composting Site
    • Water Reclamation Center
    • Electronics Recycling Site
  • Why: Daily, we all create waste. It is to our benefit, and the benefit of our students to understand the many processes that deal with our “trash.”
  • Cost: SCARCE fee of $125 (take home resources, snacks, etc.) must be paid to SCARCE to complete registration and save your place.  Option graduate credit fee of $310 paid to Aurora University is paid on the first day of class.



I participated in the "Where is Away?" workshop. I can honestly say this workshop changed my life. The knowledge I gained through this experience was incredible.
... I thought I was a good recycler, until I learned so much more about what could be recycled and also reused.  Seeing an actual landfill made me realize how important it is to eliminate as much garbage as possible.... I have shared what I have learned about recycling and reusing materials with my students, as well as staff,
friends and family. I feel I am now setting a good example for my students and helping them do what they can to help our Earth.
Barb Stuart - Scott School