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Inspiring People to Care for the Earth

Our Rescue Projects are Funded by Your Generous Donations Print E-mail
Book Rescue
Your donations help us bring the books & school supplies to the children in need. SCARCE appreciates tax deductable donations of any amount! We've had a record number of teachers visiting SCARCE to select items for their classrooms. In 2012 (As of October), over 3700 teachers have visited SCARCE and taken 149,000 books. That is about 1.5 million dollars of books that SCARCE has given away in 2012. Besides books, these teachers selected crayons, pens and pencils, paper, notebooks, overhead projectors, tables, and more from the Tools for Schools, along with super crayons and bags of regular crayons. Running these programs is only possible thru generous donation - there is no government funding for these projects.
donate on right site If you'd like to support the Book Rescue, Tools for Schools and Super Crayons projects, please consider sponsoring the project with your tax-deductable donation. Use the buttons on the right for credit card donations.
Checks and cash are also welcome. Mail a check to SCARCE and we'll be sure to send you a receipt:
     799 Roosevelt Road, Building 2, Suite 108
     Glen Ellyn, IL 60137

Note: Paypal is used for secure credit card processing. You can make donations using your Paypal account, or any credit card (you do not need to have a paypal account). To use a credit card look for the credit card logos on the left side of the PayPal screen. You may need to click a link that says "Continue" on the paypal page to use a credit card.
SCARCE is a 501(c)(3) non-profit. You should receive an email documenting your donation from paypal. Receipts are also available from SCARCE.

If you'd like to donate books or school supplies, please visit the Book Rescue and Tools for Schools Pages. Cell Phone and Ink Jet Cartridge donations are fundraisers for SCARCE -- All donations or collections on our behalf are appreciated.
If the form to make your gift does not appear, click here to make a gift to SCARCE.