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Inspiring People to Care for the Earth

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Join us online - Keep up to date with the local events, class offerings, what's available in the bookrecue and tools for schools and more. Use the links on this page to

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Previously we had bookrescue and EcoLeaders newsgroups on Yahoo! We are phasing those out. If you were a member of EcoLeaders, like us on Facebook to find out what's going on and add your ideas. If you are interested in the BookRescue Newsgroup, join our newsletter and click the "Bookrescue news" item. We send out periodic basts of what's available at SCARCE and sometimes we advertise offer furniture, pianos or other items that schools may be interested in.

Volunteering Helps Land a Job
"My time spent volunteering for SCARCE helped me get my first job, inspired me to build my own compost bin at home to help my parents save money on garbage stickers, and also inspired me to promote recycling when I went away to college. Many of my friends also got thier first start and some real job experience
helping out Kay and her team as they taught classes on watershed management, made paper, and explained just exactly how worms make our food scraps into the best dirt imaginable."
Megan Gensler