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Inspiring People to Care for the Earth

Volunteer Job Descriptions Print E-mail

Collector: Someone that likes to be out and about in the community. Puts out cell phone and ink jet collection bins, checks them periodically, and brings them back to Glen Ellyn.

Tuesday Night Club: Tuesdays evenings we are open to teachers until 7 pm. Its great if we have extra volunteers to help them, as well as sort and/or shelve books. You choose how many Tuesdays.


Saturday volunteer One Saturday/month. Like Tuesday evenings.

Mailing Label Team: Around the last day of the month we label our Ripples newsletter - Schedule depends on newsletter production, so date varies each month. 1 - 4 hours. The more the merrier! Opportunity for a group, club or older scout troop.

Housekeeping: Willing to vacuum our rugs once a week? 1 hr

Hostess with the Mostest: When we give workshops, arrangements must be made for rooms, space, advertising, etc. We can use help with these on a periodic basis.

Crayon Coordinator: Someone to melt crayons into Super Crayons. Even better, coordinate other groups of volunteers that want to do this. Could be set up on a regular schedule.

Queen or King of the Copy Machine: Most of our workshops are held at schools or out in the community. We usually take brochures and flyers. Make sure we always have a good supply and our brochure racks are full. A couple hours every week or every other week.

Tools For Schools Room Unpack items donated to tools for schools and straighten the room. Works best for someone that lives close - come frequently for short periods of time.

Book Sorter: Sort Books ... Textbooks or Library books. Flexible Schedule.

Disabled Students Volunteer
Since we are a transition program for students with multiple disabilities, we try to provide opportunities to volunteer in the community. SCARCE let our students come once a week and use their classroom as a volunteer site. They peel and sharpen crayons. The students enjoyed this and SCARCE gave them meaningful volunteer site within the community.