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Inspiring People to Care for the Earth

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At SCARCE we appreciate feedback on programs, classes, workshops, or events that you have attended. Feedback and suggestions help us to improve our programs.  If you have postitive feedback, we'd like to use it on our website or other marketing materials, so please let us know if we have permsision to to share the comments and/or your name. Click Here to Give SCARCE Feedback


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The list of upcoming events and workshops changes frequently. Click for the current list of registration opportunities.

SCARCE uses online registration forms for most classes and events. After you click submit,   if the registration is successful, you should recevie a confirmation email - that contains the information you submitted (including the date and time of the workshop). If for some reason you have to cancel afer you have signed up, please notify us at or 630-545-9710.


Before your register, please make sure you meet the requirements. Some semiars are for teachers of certain grade levels. Also, some workshops are sponsored (and often paid for) by DuPage County, and therefore they are only for teachers that live or teach in DuPage county. 

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