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Inspiring People to Care for the Earth

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We depend heavily on volunteers to keep our projects going.  We can always use help with the Book Rescue, Tools for Schools, and Super Crayon programs.  If you want to help, just call us at 630-545-9710 or fill out the application in the center of this page.

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Current Volunteer Opportunities

Fall Recycling Extravaganzas - Help unload materials from cars and pass out information about recycling resources.

Book Rescue - unloading and sorting text books, especially when we get a large delivery

Tools for Schools - helping to organize school and office supplies

Super Crayons - peeling and sorting crayons and, if you are 14 and older, making Super Crayons

Office & Data Entry - helping us record the quantity of books and supplies that passes through our facility

Concierge - greeting visitors, checking their IDs, and assisting them in finding resources and checking out




Are you...

...a student? You can volunteer to earn service hours for college applications, National Honor Society or Key Club.  Tell your friends and volunteer together!

...retired? Consider volunteering during the day!

...part of a group or organization?  Consider volunteering as a group!

...under the age of 13?  You may be able to take some crayons to sort/peel at home! 


All levels of commitment are appreciated!








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Current Registrations





Other Events:



M/W/Th/F  9am-4:30pm

Tue  9am-6pm

Sat (2nd & 4th only)  9am-12pm


*SCARCE will be open normal hours on President's Day, Monday, February 15th*

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SCARCE is Working Hard to Save Our Planet

Volunteering Helps Land a Job
"My time spent volunteering for SCARCE helped me get my first job, inspired me to build my own compost bin at home to help my parents save money on garbage stickers, and also inspired me to promote recycling when I went away to college. Many of my friends also got thier first start and some real job experience
helping out Kay and her team as they taught classes on watershed management, made paper, and explained just exactly how worms make our food scraps into the best dirt imaginable."
Megan Gensler