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Inspiring People to Care for the Earth

Our many thanks to many businesses & organizations who have contributed their time & tremendous energy to help with our Rescue Programs and support our mission.

All Saints Academy Print E-mail

allsaintsboyscrayonsJanuary 20, 2015


Midwestern University - Osteopathic Medicine Print E-mail


Martin Luther King Day of Service at SCARCE Print E-mail

Monday, January 19, 2015, SCARCE celebrated Martin Luther King with a Day of Service.  Students volunteered their day off from school and helped SCARCE with our Super Crayon Project.  Thank you to students from:

  • Benet Academy
  • Naperville Central HS
  • Naperville North HS
  • Prairie Elementary


McDonalds Volunteers Print E-mail


St. Timothy Lutheran Church, Naperville Print E-mail

Thank you St. Timothy church for donating 17 pounds of buttons!


Make A Difference Day at SCARCE Print E-mail

On October 26 we had over 30 volunteers making a difference at SCARCE!  THANK YOU!!!


All Saints Academy Print E-mail
Thank you to students at All Saints Academy for spending their day off school volunteering at SCARCE!All_Saints_1-16-12_5All_Saints_1-16-12_7
Clarke Volunteers Print E-mail
Thanks to Clarke for spending the day with us at SCARCE.  They spent time working on our Clarke_1-17-12_2crayon project!Clarke_1-17-12
Lucent Technologies Print E-mail

DSCN0932Thank you to the group of Lucent volunteers who helped SCARCE.  They spent an entire morning sorting buttons and stamping books for us - with smiles on their faces!  THANK YOU!

Scout Troops Print E-mail


On behalf of the many children, families, teachers and schools we serve, the SCARCE team would like to send our many thanks to Adam, Erik, Peter & Cole. These young men demonstrated their commitment to service and made a positive difference in our local community. Thanks also to the Scouts organization for fostering volunteerism.

Eagle Scouts Print E-mail

Eagle Scouts Support SCARCE With Special Projects

Adam's Eagle Scout Project

This year, SCARCE was chosen by a few local Eagle Scouts for their final service projects and these young men truly did an amazing job in supporting SCARCE. Check out how they supported our Rescue Programs and made a huge difference in our local community.

  • Adam Owens: Adam chose to work on the Super Crayon Project for his Eagle Scout Project. Adam collected thousands of crayons for his project. He reused a box and decorated it with signage describing his crayon collection and then convinced restaurants and other locations around the community to display the box. He was able to collect over 10 boxes of good, practically new crayons which SCARCE easily distributed to schools in underserved areas. The teachers were so grateful to receive these crayons, as many of their students couldn't afford to buy their own. He prepared the used crayons, from his collection, by peeling the wrappers and sorting them by color. To learn how to make the Super Crayons, Adam met and trained with Sylvia, one of our volunteers who operates this program. He arranged for volunteers and half of his family to help him make Super Crayons for 2 days at SCARCE. In this time, he made 1,049 Super Crayons for his Eagle Scout Project. Adam positively contributed to the lives of many special needs children by making these Super Crayons.
  • Erik Roisland: Erik first became involved with SCARCE in the summer of 2008, when he took a course, specially designed for high school students, during his break. Inspired from this class, Erik created a brochure outlining small steps everyone could take in going greener. He even convinced a local printer to use recycled paper and do the work for free! The SCARCE team widely used Erik's brochure, distributing over 5,000 brochures during the spring and summer. Erik continues to volunteer at SCARCE and always introduces us to new volunteers at his school. He also participated in the Recycled Art Contest at the Green Fair, where he won an Honorable Mention on his entry - kudos, Erik!

  • Peter Markunas: Peter's Eagle Scout project helped us immensely in our single largest book & school supplies event of the year. Every year, SCARCE participates in the annual DuPage County Back To School Fair by providing reading books and school supplies to over thousands of children, from low-income families. This year, Peter did a collection of books and supplies for the fair. He was able to collect over 4,600 library books, and 1,600 textbooks. Peter's collection efforts created a big smile on the faces of these kids, many of whom have never owned their own books before.
  • Cole Mariottini: Cole was brave to take on the job he did for his Eagle Scout project. He asked us what we needed and we told him that we wanted to get an inventory of our entire Book Rescue, so we could communicate to schools and teachers exactly the textbook titles we have on hand. To our surprise, Cole took on the task enthusiastically. He organized several volunteer sessions, over a few weeks of time, and provided us with an inventory of books. We were able to notify all of our schools that we may have the book they were searching for. We still can't believe that Cole agreed to help us with such an immense task!
Disabled Students Volunteer
Since we are a transition program for students with multiple disabilities, we try to provide opportunities to volunteer in the community. SCARCE let our students come once a week and use their classroom as a volunteer site. They peel and sharpen crayons. The students enjoyed this and SCARCE gave them meaningful volunteer site within the community.