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Inspiring People to Care for the Earth

Other Green Gift Ideas Print E-mail
  • Tickets to a play, movies, ballet, art exhibits or a sports game
  • Gift certificates for grocery stores or your favorite restaurant
  • Commuter passes
  • Reusable lunch box
  • Cloth shopping bags
  • Cloth napkins
  • Battery charger
  • Rechargable batteries
  • Compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs)
  • Energy-saving appliances
  • Bamboo products - towels, placemats, bowls - available at most national retailers
  • Homemade gifts and crafts
  • Offer a gift certificate for a homemade meal or a free day of babysitting, gardening, painting or repairing
  • For the holiday season:
  • reuse wrapping paper, packaging cartons and shipping materials for your gifts or get creative with useful wrapping - like hiding a piece of jewelry in a pair of mittens.
  • chip the Christmas tree - many municipalities will collect old tannenbaum and turn it into mulch for free
  • check with your municipality to see if they provide a recycling service for Christmas trees
  • consider buying a tree which can be planted later
  • buy holiday cards made from recycled paper or make your own creative cards
  • compost food leftovers - if every American composts just one uneaten tablespoon of mashed potatoes, we could divert 16 million pounds of waste from landfills