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Inspiring People to Care for the Earth

Household Goods Print E-mail Wind-up radios, LED light bulbs & flashlights Green cleaning products Solar and crank radios & flashlights, & LED products No batteries or bulbs with LED lighting Environmental "superstore" Tankless water heaters Fire logs made from coffee grounds Green cleaning supplies, compostable garbags bags, and low flow showerhead adaptors.  Green products for homes and businesses Yes, our mother's chinet plates now carry two lines, classic white and casuals, which are made from 100% perconsumer recycled content and are biodegradable in your home composter Better Water Bottle, made from 100% corn resin, with a carbon-based filter which removes chlorine and organic contaminants.  This water bottle will provide 90 refills and will biodegrade in a commercial compost within 80 days Catalog of recycled products to buy as a wholesaler or individual consumer Leading brand of household goods, green cleaning products and environmental products & they now have a gift shop online- visit their blog for a link to their store Solar-powered radios & flashlights, LED lanterns & flashlights                      Speakers and docking station made from reused candy and chip bags