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Inspiring People to Care for the Earth

Denim Insulation Print E-mail
Menards now sells insulation manufactured from recycled denim fibers.  R-19 Ultra Touch, safe to touch, no fiberglass itch.  Class A fire rated. 
Gonzo Odor Eliminator Print E-mail
Heather first heard of the Odor Eliminator from Lyman Woods.  She bought them for her mudroom, where her family keeps all their shoes!  Within a day of opening the bag of rocks, any odors were gone!  They are made from volcanic minerals, last for years and are non-toxic.  Every few months lay them out in the sun to recharge.  Easy and effective!
kiwi magazine Print E-mail
We newly discovered the magazine kiwi.  It focuses on growing families the natural and organic way.  The magazine is loaded with ideas for greening a family!
Sprout Watch Print E-mail
Erin proudly wears her Sprout watch.  This eco friendly watch is lead and phthalate free.  Sprout watches use corn resin, bamboo, organic cotton, mercury free batteries, recycled fibers and more!  You can read more about their watches at Sprout Watches.
Journal of Cards Print E-mail
Heather started a new tradition with her family.  Instead of her kids making cards for each birthday and holiday, they write a special note to her in a special journal.  It cuts down on the last minute scramble for cards, saves paper and saves money!  Thanks Tracy for the great idea!
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