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Ever since the newspapers started publishing stories that SCARCE Funding may not be continued, people have been asking how to help. In addition to a full schedule of programs that were already scheduled, we've been scrambling to do what's needed to keep our funding intact. We truly appreciate the outpouring of support and stories we've been receiving. We will use this space to keep the current status on how things are going and what's needed. Thank you so much for your support!

You Can Help in The Following Ways

We would like the county board members (especially those up for re-election) to understand the wide variety of services offered by SCARCE, how SCARCE impacts many people, and how the services provided by SCARCE have saved a significant amount money for DuPage county businesses and municipalities.

  • If you haven't already, please help us by sharing your the story of how SCARCE has helped you. Even if your story seems small, there are so many small stories that it adds up to a huge impact. We need to convince the DuPage County Board that SCARCE Funding is a good investment and should be continued. How to do this? Tell Us Your Story Once you Tell Us, Also send it to the county board members - if you send it to us, you'll get an email with instruction on how to do this.
  • Go to a county board meeting. They are Tuesdays: County Board Meetings. Present your story during public comments, or register your support for SCARCE.
  • Contact YOUR County Board Member and let them know that SCARCE funding should be continued - see phone numbers and email addresses below. They need to understand that the people that vote for them think that SCARCE funding is important.
  • Keep Track of what's going on - whether funding is approved, or we need more help. "Like" the SCARCE Facebook Page for the latest info.
  • When the situation changes, or there is new information, Share our pages on your on your facebook, twitter, linked in, or whatever social media you use. Use your network to help us spread the word!
  • Make a donation. The funding from DuPage County is only a portion of the SCARCE budget. We rely on donations for about a third of the operating budget. Any donation of any amount is greatly appreciated!

We have been busy collecting some statistics, there are links on the right side of this page to get more data. Some of the main points:

  • DuPage County Teachers will receive over $600,000 in books, school supplies, and classroom equipment just in 2012 (and all that was kept out of the landfill).
  • Beyond DuPage County, teachers will get over $1.8 million in books, school supplies and classroom equipment from SCARCE.
  • In a year, SCARCE presents over 600 programs that reach over 39,000 people. See How Many People Does SCARCE Reach?
  • SCARCE donations account for almost 1/3 of the SCARCE budget. The Book Rescue, Tools for Schools, Shoe Rescue, Super Crayons are funded by donations alone. Click here if you'd like to make a donation.
  • It would cost much more if DuPage County tried to replace the SCARCE services with their own staff. See Staff Salaries

Below is the list of county board members and their email addresses. To send email, copy the list of emails to your mail program, and you can send a mail to all of them at once.

District Representative Names & Phone Numbers Email Addresses
Chairman Dan Cronin - 630-407-6060
All Send to all of them at once:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Paul Fichtner (R) Elmhurst 630-251-7883

Rita Gonzalez (D) Addison 224-634-7059

Donald Puchalski(R) Addison 312-804-2978,,


Michael Ledonne (R) Lombard 630-495-9187

Patrick O'Shea (R) Lombard 630-620-8551

Jeff Redick (R) Elmhurst 630-607-9681,


no email for Patrick O'Shea on


John Curran (R) Woodridge 630-541-7588

Brian Krajewski (R) Downers Grove 630-435-6340

Michael McMahon (R) Hinsdale 630-261-9000,,

Bill Bedrossian (R) Wheaton 630-461-1159

Grant Eckhoff (R) Wheaton 630-510-0660

JR McBride 630-790-1040,


no email for Grant Eckoff


James Healy(R) Naperville 630-202-1162

Tony Michelassi (D) Aurora 630-788-8338

John Zediker (R) Naperville 630-697-3062,,

Dirk Enger (D) Winfield 630-588-0344

Robert Larsen (R) Warrenville 630-260-8607

James Zay (R) Carol Stream 630-876-8601,,

District Representative Names Email Addresses