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What's a Rescue Project?

It's quite simple. We save landfill space and help those in need. Most of the items we accept would have ended up in a landfill - so we "rescue" them, and make them available for others.

Twenty years ago we caught wind that schools were throwing away books they no longer needed. That was the start of our rescue projects. We took those books and gave them to others in need. Our project started from there and continued growing into what it is today. What started with books has turned into school supplies, shoes, cell phones and more!

We run several rescue projects.  Our main rescue projects are:

  • Book Rescue
  • Tools for Schools


    SCARCE operates all of our Rescue Programs based on donations and volunteers.


    What else do we rescue?  

    We collect anything a school could need.  We also collect items for resuse and recycling. Check out all of our programs, but a short list of items we collect includes:

    • all books
    • pens
    • pencils
    • paper
    • spiral notebooks
    • binders
    • crayons
    • rulers
    • desks
    • pianos
    • yarn
    • art supplies
    • overhead projectors
    • keys
    • eye glasses
    • American Flags
    • cell phones
    • inkjet cartridges


    Who gets what we rescue?

    Our books and school supplies go to any school, teacher or student in need.  Our books and school supplies go to local schools, schools throughout the country and schools around the world.  Schools have been to us that have had no library and have taken books to open a new library.  Schools who lost books due to a flood have started back up with our help.  Teachers in low income districts who come to their classroom with no supplies have started with us.  Missionary trips teaching kids around the world take our books with them.  We help anyone in need.

    If the form to make your gift does not appear, click here to make a gift to SCARCE.
    SCARCE Hours

    Mon, Wed, Thu, Fri: 9am - 4:30pm

    Tue: 9am - 6pm

    2nd & 4th Sat of the month: 9am - noon

    Donating to SCARCE Rescue Programs VIdeo

    Books for Students Without A Library

    "Many of our students live in unincorporated Cook County and are not able to access the public library. SCARCE was able to give us books in both Spanish and English to give to our students for our Family Reading Night. The parents and students were thrilled to get the books. Without their generous gift, many of our students would not have books in their homes. The students continue to talk about their favorites that they read over and over."

    Linda Buniak - Elk Grove Village