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Cell Phone Rescue Overview Print E-mail

Cell Phone RescuePlease help Scarce rescue cell phones from the landfill. They will be recycled properly. This can be done in the following ways:
* Drop off your cell phones, chargers and batteries at our location in Glen Ellyn.
* Even better, do a Cell Phone Drive at your school, church, or place of business. This is a great project for scout troops, National Honor Societies, Key Clubs, Ecology Clubs, etc.


In addition to keeping the cell phones from the landfill, the Cell Phone Rescue raises funds needed by SCARCE to meet the operational expenses of the Book Rescue, Tools for Schools and the Crayon Rescue Projects. These projects are funded solely with private donations.


  • What happens to the phones? Phones are shredded and the materials are recycled.
  • What parts should I donate? Phones, chargers, phone batteries, car charger, case or any other cell phone accessories.
  • How should it be packaged? Items for the same phone do not need to be kept together. If possible, wind the cord around the charger, and fasten with a rubber band.
  • What if I don't have have both charger and the phone? Donate whatever you have.
  • Does the phone have to work? No
  • What models are acceptable? Any model of cellular phone. PDA, smart phone, pagers, walkie-talkies, and remote handsets cannot be accepted.
  • How long does the cell phone drive last? We always collect phones at our office. If you'd like to host a cell phone drive, any length of time that is convenient for you ... a month to ongoing.

M/W/Th/F  9am-4:30pm

Tue  9am-6pm

Sat (2nd & 4th only)  9am-12pm


*SCARCE will be open normal hours on President's Day, Monday, February 15th*

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