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Results of Past Gym Shoe Collections Print E-mail

Landfill Diversion:

  • 2011 = 17,000 shoes
  • 2009 = 7,699 pairs of shoes

  • 2008 = 18,000 pairs of shoes

  • 2007 = 15,000 pairs of shoes

  • 2006 = 7,404 pairs of shoes

  • 2005 = 9,151 pairs of shoes

  • 2004 = 13,500 pairs of shoes

  • 2003 = 6,208 pairs of shoes

Since 2003, we have diverted a TOTAL of 76,962 pairs of gym shoes from landfills. Of those, 57,706 pairs of shoes were recycled with Nike's Resuse-A-Shoe Program and SCARCE donated 19,256 pairs of gently-used shoes to worthy local organizations, such as PADS in Glen Ellyn or the Midwest Shelter of Homeless Veterans.

Once the shoes are delivered to Nike, they will be demanufactured so that the recycled “Nike Grind” material can be used to make new products like sports surfaces, playgrounds, carpet padding, insulation, basketballs, frisbees, and other Nike products. By recycling old gym shoes, Nike decreases the environmental impact of consuming new raw materials and saves the materials from being wasted and adding to the garbage in landfills. To learn more about what happens to the shoes that are recycled, please visit Nike's Reuse-A-Shoe Program.

What's been made from SCARCE's shoe drives so far?

SCARCE has recycled 57,706 pairs of shoes with Nike's Rescue-A-Shoe Program from 2003 through 2009. The following list shows what part of the shoe goes into making different types of athletic surfaces, and how many surfaces may have been produced as a result of SCARCE's contribution.

  • Outdoor basketball court (midsole foam): 23
  • Outdoor tennis court (midsole foam): 23
  • Full field or soccer pitch (outsole rubber): 1
  • Mini soccer field (outsole rubber): 4
  • Running track (outsole rubber): 1
  • Playground (outsole rubber): 23
  • Indoor wood basketball court (upper fabric): 23
  • Indoor synthetic basketball court (midsole foam): 23



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