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Keep your Ink Jet Cartridges out of the landfill while you also help support the Book Rescue and Tools for Schools projects. It's easy! When you change your ink cartridge, collect the old ones, and bring them to our office in Glen Ellyn.

Please do not use the mailing envelopes previously distributed for AAA Environmental - they have gone out of business, so the cartridges will end up in the landfill

Extra Tip

When you get a new cartridge, put the old one in the box that that the new one came in. The box protects the cartridge.

Collect Cartridges at your Business or School

If you'd like to set up a box to recycle at your business, school, or church, please bring them to our office in Glen Ellyn, and we'll get them recycled.



HP Inkjet Cartridges

HP Inkjet Cartridges are now packaged in Number 5 plastic that, as the box says, “may not be recyclable in your area.” HP reduced the overall size of the packaging by about 20%. They optimized space on the backer card, allowing one label to be eliminated, it eliminated the varnish finish on the outside, and reduced the number of colors used, both were making recyclability difficult (HP Environmental report 2001).

How this affects you: When you replace an ink cartridge, send back the used cartridge (as you normally would) but now include the Number 5 packaging. HP will recycle both the cartridge and the packaging; “all packaging materials returned as part of HP Planet Partners are recycled” (Does HP use recycled materials in packaging and is the packaging recyclable?). Order free HP inkjet shipping materials here, they will include packaging material and free shipping labels. Place used cartridges in their old packaging, and ship it all back to HP!



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