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Crayon Volunteers

Volunteers sort the crayons and melt them to make SUPER Crayons.

Donate Your Crayons

We'll take the old crayons your kids don't want or use anymore! Drop them off during our normal business hours.

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Volunteers sort the crayons and melt them to make SUPER Crayons.


We've been fortunate to have dedicated volunteers to help with this. We remember Hank the "Crayon Man" sorted crayons for many years and we've had scounts make crayons for their;Eagle Scout Projects. If you are interested in helping, here are some guidelines:

  • Collecting and sorting crayons is a great project for volunteers of any age. Crayons can be collected and sorted at home by younger children or scout troops. At the SCARCE location, only high school and older volunteers are allowed.
  • Due to the heat needed to melt the crayons, those making Super Crayons need to be high school age or older.
  • Once the SUPER crayons are made, smoothing them requires time, patience, and carving skills.


If you have a group that is interested in making Super Crayons, call us at 630-545-9710 or send us an email at to schedule a time.  Tue evenings and Sat mornings work the best.  Be sure to wear old clothes and closed-toe shoes. Note: Volunteers must be at least 14 years old.


Super Crayon Project

Melt one color of crayons in a crockpot.
Pour the melted crayons into molds.
Super Crayons require smoothing.

Girl Scout Crayonathon

Girl Scout Crayonathon

Girl Scout Troup 50204 earned their Silver Award through a crayonathon! 

"Our Girl Scout Troop 50204 of junior high girls was so excited when we started this project back in
May/June when we collected crayons from area schools and libraries. We estimate that we collected
just over 200 pounds of crayons. The girls then sorted out the whole, good crayons that could be given to underprivileged children. The remaining crayons were then sorted by color and peeled which was done over the summer months as this was the most time consuming aspect of the project. Finally after visiting SCARCE in September, they wercrayonathone able to learn the process from Sandy, and were thrilled to be finally turning the crayon pieces into SuperCrayons for handicapped children. Sandy graciously let us borrow her equipment so that we could have a “crayon-a-thon” in our leader’s garage. Between Thursday, October 6 and Sunday, October 9, 2011, our crayon factory was open for about 25 hours, and in that time, our troop of 5 girls and 2 leaders made a whopping 1,168 SuperCrayons!!!! We are so proud of all their hard work! Thank you so much!!!"

Documentation of Crayonathon!


M/W/Th/F  9am-4:30pm

Tue  9am-6pm

Sat (2nd & 4th only)  9am-12pm


*SCARCE will be open normal hours on President's Day, Monday, February 15th*

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