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What is Tools for Schools? Print E-mail

MicroscopesaccordianTools for Schools (TFS) provides a place where individuals and businesses can donate school supplies or office supplies. Schools and non-profit organizations supporting children choose needed items. Children get school supplies, teachers get equipment for their classrooms, and it is all diverted from the landfill. There is a wide range of supplies collected and re-distributed at SCARCE. Microscopes and overhead projectors are always popular items that are snapped up quickly. Usually there is a constant flow of notebooks, paper, pencils, and many types of office supplies.  The inventory changes daily.

Special Donations For Schools

Carlson Glass & Mirror in Wheaton has scrap plexiglass available for all teachers & non-profit organizations. The scrap pieces of plexiglass are available in all sizes. They are ideal for art projects, covering models, making boxes and other useful ideas. Schools can pick up the scrap plexiglass directly from Carlson Glass & Mirror at 111 E. Front St. in Wheaton on Saturdays, from 9 am to 1 pm.

Have Furniture or other Big Items?

Our Tools for Schools room is not big enough for furniture, gym equipment, copy machines, or other big items. If you have these items, don't throw them away!. We may be able to help you advertise. We send out periodic mail to our Book Rescue and Tools for Schools visitors, alerting them of what's available at SCARCE and in the community.


We are thankful for ongoing donations. During the summer, hundreds of teachers visit Tools for Schools to select school supplies and classroom equipment. Often the donated items are selected the same day they are dropped off.


The Tools for Schools Program began with a grant from Tellabs Foundation. In order to keep it going, we need an ongoing supply volunteers and donations. Please help up out by volunteering or making a monetary donation.

Download this file (Marilyn's Church Project.pdf)Yarn Collected at SCARCE benefits Guatamalan Children![Local church uses SCARCE resources to help humanitarian projects.]
If the form to make your gift does not appear, click here to make a gift to SCARCE.


Mon-Fri 9am-4:30pm

Tues 9am-6pm

2nd & 4th Saturdays 9am-12pm

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SCARCE is a 501(c)(3) and donations to SCARCE are tax deductable. Ask for a tax receipt when dropping off books or items at Tools for Schools.
Thank you from St. Isidore Catholic Church


We would like to express our sincerest thanks for the 176 books you donated to the annual St. Isidore Thanksgiving Drive!  On Sunday November 21, we were able to provide full Thanksgiving meals to 310 families to take home and cook. 

Due to your generosity every child that walked through our doors that night, from infants to teenagers, was able to receive between five and seven almost new books.  All remaining books, board games and videos/dvd's that remained after the drive were sent to services to local residents.  Thank you for feeding the minds of those that hunger for it while others feed their stomachs!

On behalf of our Thanksgiving 2010 Coordnator, Michelle Peluso, and St. Isidore, I thank you for generously answering our request and making our 2010 Thanksgiving Drive so successful.

Ane Berg
Director Human Needs Ministries
St. Isadore Catholic Church